Greg Baugues

I’m married to a beautiful woman, Rachel, without whom I wouldn’t have accomplished much of anything that you see on this blog. We live in Chicago, a city which I adore. We’ve got an awesome dog, Kaira, and are expecting a daughter in November. I serve as a developer evangelist for Twilio.

I believe there was a man born two thousand years ago, who we now call Jesus. I believe he was the son of God, and that God “did not send his son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.”

In The Stand, Stephen King says:

God the Creator had made man into His own image, and that meant that every man and woman who dwelt under God’s light was a creator of some kind, a person with an urge to stretch out his hand and shape the world into some rational pattern.

I feel most alive when emulating my creator — when I’m creating new works through writing, coding, or cooking, and when I’m building relationships by sharing the love and grace that’s been so undeservedly given to me.

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